Curious about what Chilliwack Sea Cadets has to offer? Want something fun to do in the summer?  Want to meet new lifetime friends?


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(Please note that to be eligible for the summer training opportunities on the poster you must be a member of the Chilliwack Sea Cadet program and meet the training requirements to submit an application for summer training opportunities.)


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The physical address is 5535 Korea Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia. 

Korea road is just off of Keith Wilson which is commonly accessed

from Vedder Road.



Currently due to COVID 19 restrictions Chilliwack Sea Cadets meets virtually from 7pm to 8:30pm on Tuesday Evenings


The Sea Cadet program accepts youth between the ages of 12 to 18

who are either Canadian Citizens or authorized to reside in Canada.



Tuesday evenings the ship's office can be contacted by calling 604-792-1123. 

Feel free to email

your questions.  We are always glad to help.



Proof of Citizenship or Authorization to Reside in Canada-

This can be any of the following:

-Birth Certificate if born in Canada;

-Canadian Passport;

-Certificate of Canadian Citizenship;

-Canadian Citizenship Card;

-Status Card issued by Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada;

-Canadian Permanent Resident Card;

-IMM1000 issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada;

-Foreign Passport with valid permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for work, study or visiting.


Proof of Medical Insurance-

This can be any of the following:

-British Columbia Care Card

-British Columbia Medical Services Card

-Medical Insurance Card from your service provider (examples: sunlife, blue cross, etc)



The following documents will be completed-

Forms required by Cadets Canada

-CF 1158 (10-12) Application for Membership in the Canadian Sea, Army or Air Cadets;


Forms required by the Navy League of Canada Chilliwack Branch

-Navy League Contact Information Sheet;

-Navy League Volunteer Questionnaire.


Please keep in mind we may have you complete more paperwork as required in the program but specific forms will be explained by the Navy League Branch or the Administration Staff with 349 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps CHILLIWACK.

Frequently asked questions


What does it cost for my youth to join?

The cost for the parent's to be a member of the Navy League of Canada Chilliwack Branch is $40.00 per year. That is a per family cost so if you have more than one child in the program it is only $40.00.

Are there any costs I can expect to pop up if my youth joins cadets?

The program is a partnership between the Department of National Defence (Officers) and the Navy League of Canada (Parents). To vote on where the privately raised funds are spent and elect members of the non profit group you are to be a paid member of the branch. That cost is $40.00 per family. However we want cadets so no cadet will ever be turned away if a family is in hardship. Communication with branch members is important. Other costs may occur if large trips are planned but those costs don't "pop" up. Lots of planning occurs well in advance and the goal is for the group to collectively raise the funds.

Do I have to buy my youth a uniform?

That's were the partnership comes in. The uniform is loaned to the cadet for FREE. They are responsible to maintain their uniform. Lost pieces of kit may incur replacement costs so it is important they look after the uniform. Items that are reasonably worn out or outgrown will be replaced at no cost.


How much time does my youth have to put in to be a cadet?

Cadets at a minimum are required to put in one night a week and potentially one weekend or one day on a weekend per month. Optional training would be another night in the week and allow your cadet to gain way more out of the program.

How much time do I have to put in as a parent?

We aren't a program that babysit's your child and forgets about the parent. Parent meetings occur once a month from September to June and are usually on an evening. The closing parade of every Tuesday night parents are encouraged to come listen to the announcements as well as see their Cadet on parade.


Can I use hairspray when ironing my pants and gunshirt?

No. Hairspray is a flammable material that can cause damage not only to the garment but make the item more flammable. Spray Starch, a damp ironing cloth and an iron are all that is needed.


What is leave?

Leave is attendance. It is used for many things such as a requirement to be promoted, selection for extra fun activities that come up, and letting the Staff know that you didn't get lost/hurt on your way to cadets. Having a background in military traditions leave is requested.

How do I request leave?

1. Call your Divisional Petty Officer 2. Call your Divisional Officer 3. Call the Ship's Office 604-792-1123 4. If 24 hours in advance of an activity send an email to

For what reasons would leave be granted?

1. Family Related Matters 2. School Homework. The program does not interfere with your education. It will only enhance it. 3. Illness. Feeling a little under the weather we still want to see you at cadets. If you are truly sick though we want you to get better and prevent the spread of flu's, colds etc. 4. There are other reasons so if you think you need leave talk to your DPO or Divisional Officer.

What happens if I don't request leave?

You are maked AWOL or Absent Without Leave. This affects: 1. Eligibility for promotion 2. Advancement in training levels to stay in classes with your friends 3. Selection for fun activities such as exchanges, trips and deployments 4. Your division gets docked in the top division competition


What days are cadets?

Tuesday Evenings - Mandatory - September to June with a few stand down periods.

What time is cadets?

Tuesdays: 6:30pm (1830 hours) to 9:30pm (2100 hours)

Where is Cadets

Building 1088 at the Chilliwack Armoury 5535 Korea Road. Just off of Keith Wilson.